Well Water Treatment and Well Repair


Well water can become unusable and inaccessible when well repairs or water treatment is needed. You can have everything from basic water testing to complete well rehabilitation done by licensed water well specialists. The results are great tasting well water that is safe and easy to bring to the surface.

Eliminating Foul Smells and Taste

The concentrated presence of iron and sulfur in your well water can make it hard to get past the nose and drink. You need an expert well company to remediate the problem and get your water quality up to acceptable levels. Heavy iron can cause corrosion of your pipes and stains on your plumbing fixtures.

Well Rehabilitation and Pump Pressure Problems

Older water wells and those that have been out of commission for a while can be rehabilitated to good working condition again. Pups that are not creating enough pressure to bring well water to the surface can be repaired or replaced for a reasonable price. You can have a fully functioning water well that works great and provides clean, fresh tasting water.

Add Water Softening Systems

Some wells can tap into water sources that contain more minerals than others. It’s considered hard water and can have a harsh taste. It can also fill your pipes with mineral deposits that eventually slow down the flow. The addition of a water softening system can take care of this problem.

Water Filtering and Testing

A water filtering system should be installed if you notice large amounts of sediment coming through your tap. You should also have your water tested periodically to ensure it is safe drinking quality. Chemical runoff and bacteria can access your well water at times and make it unsafe to drink without treatment.

The benefits of having a working water well outshine the maintenance and periodic repairs they need. Choose top quality well repair Salisbury NC residents depend on to keep their wells operating efficiently.