Smart Homes NI ‘Smart Fit’ Method


We surveyed 573 home owners who had bought new windows and doors in the last 12 months.  These home owners used a selection of different home improvement companies and independent fitters across the country.

Of that 573, 147 customers said they experienced at least one of these issues below:

  1. Windows and doors that are stiff.
  2. Not opening or closing properly.
  3. Locking systems that are temperamental and a security risk.
  4. Draughts blowing due to poor seals.
  5. Costly heating bills.
  6. Messy silicon finishes.
  7. Severe cases of condensation.

According to the owners at Smart Homes NI they see this all too often in their industry and that’s why they created their ‘Smart Fit’ method which ensures each of their installations adheres to an extremely high standard.

It might sound like a given, having your new windows and doors fit to a high standard, considering the investment needed…but unfortunately we’ve seen this far too many times across the industry ourselves.  There are too many companies and fitters out there who don’t take the time and pride in their work to do it right, and this can cause a lot of future problems.

What we see happening is, 6 to 12 months after an installation when a problem arises, a customer will go back to the company who completed their work and the company will blame the product and tell the customer to take it up with Rehau, Palladio, Apeer, or whoever the product came from.  This leaves the customer feeling incredibly frustrated, having to chase various companies around trying to solve the issue.

Let us tell you, the product is very rarely the issue, 99 times out of 100 it’s the quality of the fitting.  That’s why it’s very reassuring for us to see a company like Smart Homes NI who have actually created a standard for themselves.

This inevitably results in:

  • The customer getting the true energy efficiency out of the products they’ve bought.
  • A smooth window and door action.
  • Safe, secure, locks for complete reassurance.
  • A tidy and clean finish to all seals, highlighting the beauty of the windows and doors.
  • An installation that combines global leading products with a superior installation process, for the perfect finish.

However, they do recognise that there is that 1 in 100 times that the product is the issue, so they guarantee their customers they will take responsibility for the product AND the fitting.  So if you ever find something wrong with your newly installed windows or doors, regardless of whether it’s the fitting, or the product, they’ll take care of it, 100%

In an industry where there is a lot of uncertainty of who you’re trusting into your home, who you’re trusting to carry out your work and who you’re trusting to be there if any issues do arise…we can say confidently, that Smart Homes NI are going a very long way in building complete reassurance when choosing them as your partners, for any work you need done.