Scaffolding Casters for Contractor and Industrial Us


The need to work in high locations often requires the use of scaffolding rather than ladders. The casters for scaffolding need to be of industrial quality to guarantee long life and ultimate safety.

Painter Scaffolding Casters

Contractors that have to reach high up on the interior or exterior of buildings to paint need trustworthy scaffolding that has casters that will hold up to the weight of workers and paint products. Adding rubber wheels make it easy to use indoors on sensitive flooring. It will not tear up tile, wood floors, or vinyl.

Masonry Scaffolding Casters

Steel casters are needed for scaffolding used by contractors that do masonry work. The steel is able to hold up better to the heavy weight of masonry materials. It makes chimney building or tuckpointing easier when you can roll the scaffolding in place exactly where you need to work.

Industrial and Warehouse Scaffolding Casters

Scaffolding used in industrial settings and warehouses will need casters that are constructed with heavy-duty steel. Working on boiler systems, industrial equipment, or moving heavy items in a warehouse requires a sturdy scaffolding system that can be moved securely. You need industrial casters that are dependable and last for years.

High-Quality and Safety Brake Locks

Using a high-quality caster is one way to ensure that all of your employees will be safe as they scale up off the ground to get work done. Each has a safety lock feature that keeps it from moving once you have positioned it correctly. The smooth rolling action makes purposeful positioning of the scaffolding easy.

Industrial tough casters are the preferred product to place on any scaffolding to be used for contractor and warehousing tasks. You need casters you can count on to keep your employees safe and are easy to operate.