Safety Measures for Construction Workers


Construction sites are definitely accident prone more than any type of work setting. And in this kind of workplace, safety should always be considered a priority by the management since most accidents that happen in constructions are life-threatening. Even worse, there are accidents that are completely avoidable, but are often overlooked.

In terms of Construction Site Safety, here are the best practices that will help improve your company’s safety measures for your succeeding construction projects.

Provide trainings and refresher courses

Proper training for all employees, especially those handling heavy machinery like a forklift or a stacking pallets, should undergo training and seminars. Ensure that the workplace remains safe according to industry standards by strictly implementing best practices and precautions. Management should be aware of all the formal training and seminars they can conduct at work so that procedures are up-to-date.

Require your workers to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

As part of your internal safety procedures, you should also supply and require your workers to wear PPE. This is a necessary safety addition to have considering construction sites are naturally hazardous. Make sure your workers have all the protective gear such as: helmets, heavy-duty footwear, protective gloves, safety glasses and vests. Wearing these extra gears before starting with their work will protect them while they are situated outdoors and even indoors.

Examine your worksite

One of the best practices for safety management is doing an evaluation of your worksite. We recommend you do this regularly so that, as the lead of the whole project, you will be able to identify potential risks and prevent hazardous scenarios that may occur. You will be able to anticipate if there needs to be changes to complete a certain task of construction and plan ahead.

You can prevent serious injuries from falling to occur by installing fencing around the area. If you already installed those and see that they are damaged, make sure workers are not in the area while it is being repaired or a new fencing has been installed.

Make sure to prevent fires from happening in the construction site as well. There are many combustible chemicals in the area so the possibility of fires is high. Open flames should be kept out of the site. All workers must know the exit routes and where the extinguishers are should a fire occur.

Constant vigilance

Every person of the team working on their own assigned area should be vigilant, most especially if their tasks require handling electrical installations and heavy equipment. Your workers should have the proper training already to handle such equipment so that they are better equipped and suitably more efficient to do the workload.

Have a first aid kit

A complete arsenal of first aid paraphernalia is what you need for construction site, as well as a qualified nurse present. Provide your workers with the medications they might need like pain relievers, and make sure all your supplies are ready in case someone gets an injury.

Construction workers must know how to be careful at all times. They must be trained to spot danger before it occurs. But management also needs to provide the proper training and set up all the precautions to prevent accidents from happening in the workplace.