OVERWHELMED by the sheer weight and number of issues in life, you could be forgiven for giving up. But there’s no purpose in it other than thinking it’s easier. The truth is it’s only easier for that millisecond – as soon as we give up we backslide, and the hell we move into is worse than it ever was.

There is only one way to move ahead and that is to move forward.

But that seems so hard when we can barely breathe, when life is crushing the life out of us.

Yet, by simply holding open the possibility of forward inertia, life slowly begins to change from the inside, out. As we focus not so much on what is wrong, but on the things we can do right, God blesses our intent, and small victories come into sight, awareness and experience.

Suddenly we realise the power in our minds to create a dream rather than destroy it before it was ever imagined.

No matter how far behind we think we are, we’re only one decision away from forward momentum.

No matter how long we’ve been floundering, the transition from being stuck to mobilisation occurs in a heartbeat.

No matter how much trepidation we experience, we’re counselled to initiate movement, for only when we do, does fear ebb away.

No matter how little it seems, what little there is needed to shift our momentum forwardly is within us.

A change of mindset of faith is the only requirement. One heartfelt decision is all it takes to get the inertia moving in the right direction.