Like any other industry, the moving industry is also plagued by scammers. We will teach you how to detect a moving scam. Read the following warning signs and you will know if you work totally honest and reliable residential movers or not. Here is the list of moving “red flags” that you should pay attention:

1. Large amounts of money asked to be paid in advance. Licensed companies ask for 20% or less to be paid in advance. Many do not ask anything and will get their fees upon delivery. A company that asks a high percentage in advance is likely to be a scam. They may not even show up for the move and simply take the down payment.

2. The mover accepts only cash. This is another thing you should consider. Scammers avoid credit card payments because they leave an info trail and give you the capability to dispute charges. A legitimate moving company will comfortably accept credit payments.

3. Very low rates. Just like huge advance payments, extremely low rates are also suspicious. The scam here is that the company will double or triple the price just before they arrive, leaving you no time to search for other companies. And they will offer all sort of excuses and bureaucratic procedures. This is why usually, if something looks too good to be true, it is typically a scam. You should get some estimates online or on-site and check the average cost.

4. Missing logo on their vehicles. It has become a custom for moving companies to add their logo on their moving vehicles. An unmarked vehicle or a rental may be cause for concerns. If your mover can’t afford a logo and phone number on the side of a moving truck, chances are the business isn’t legitimate. A moving company without a logo is something uncommon in the industry.

5. No contract. If the mover does not want to provide a contract, invoking all sorts of problems or reasons, you should drop negotiations. The contract states your rights and responsibilities and without it, you are likely to get into trouble.

6. They do not provide on-site estimates. This is another worrying sign you should analyze better. A company that does not want to send representatives to check the cargo means that the company either has no man for that and it is a subcontractor or they are scammers.