Five Essential Features for Your Home’s Garage Workshop


Do you use your garage as a workshop? If so, there are some features that can make your garage an inviting, comfortable place to work on DIY projects. Discover four of those appealing features.

A Workbench and Spacious Cabinets

A workbench is an important feature if you want to work on projects of all kinds. If you’re repairing a radio, you need the counter space for extra parts, tools and the device itself. Also, cabinets located near your workbench contribute to the efficiency of your repair work. For instance, you can reach up, open a cabinet to get a small screwdriver to open a door in the radio. Having these two features can make it more of a pleasure to perform repairs in your workshop.

A Comfortable Seat

A stool with a cushion is a great feature to have in a garage turned workshop. Make sure it is the right height for your workbench, so you don’t have to hunch over while working on projects.

A Durable Floor

Durable flooring is essential for a garage workshop. If food, drinks, glue, oil or any other liquid falls onto the floor it should be easy to clean up, so you can continue on with your work. Epoxy flooring is an effective option for a garage workshop. It is visually attractive, durable and easy to clean.

Excellent Lighting

Chances are, you may want to spend time in your workshop through the day and into the night. This is especially true if you are in the midst of an exciting project. You need excellent lighting above your workbench to do your best work. When making repairs on a household appliance or focusing on a woodworking project, you need to be able to see every part of the project you’re working on.

Lastly, start with these five features for your garage/workshop and build on them. As you decide what projects you’d like to tackle, add to the list of features to make your garage workshop a space that is all your own.