Digital TV & Home Theatre Combinations to Excite


Technology has changed the way we live our lives, and as far as multimedia goes, you can have it all, and what’s more, you can enjoy 4K reception coupled with surround sound. The satellite TV system is only half the package, which brings you top quality TV from over 400 channels worldwide, including:

  • Major Sporting Events – MMA, Boxing, Motor Racing, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Cricket and Golf events are all covered, so set your alarm when you want to watch The Australian Grand Prix or any of the top-notch sporting events.
  • Top Documentaries – BBC make some truly amazing nature documentaries, and you can watch the immortal David Attenborough as he follows a pride of lions in the Serengeti.
  • 24-Hour Cartoon Channels – That’s the kids sorted, and with something for everyone, the whole family get to watch what they love.
  • Epic Movie Channels – Non-stop blockbusters will keep you riveted to your armchair, with latest releases in high definition and surround sound.

There is affordable aerial installation in Dundee and they also sell the very best home theatre systems, so you can set everything up with a single company.

Home Theatre

This can play a range of media, including DVD, files from a memory stick digital TV and, of course, FM radio. The amplifier is built into the main control panel, and with graphic equalisation and four channel output, you have the very best sound.

Bluetooth Technology

You can place your small, but powerful speakers anywhere in the room, and there are no unsightly cables to hide, you can even move then onto the patio in the summer to enjoy your music in high quality sound.

Talk to your local satellite TV supplier and get connected!