Cooling Towers Explained: Functions & Operations


If you are considering getting a cooling tower, it is generally a good idea to learn a bit about them to really understand whether you need one. On the other hand, this information can also help you find the right system for your needs.

What cooling towers do

The essential function of a cooling tower is to take heat from the water and transfer this heat to another place. They are designed to cool the water down and evaporate the heat out and based on the principles of thermodynamics which is why they are so effective with their core functions.

There are many cooling tower parts which have different functions and, together, they make this process quick, efficient, and the water is not compromised in any way.

How do they work?

 A cooling tower operates by relying on the heat transfer process which cools down the water that is going toward a facility in which it needs to be used. Through the chiller, the hot water is directed to the top of the tower where it is sprayed on a large surface which is called the fill and it is actually the area used for heat transfer.

Under the fill is an area where cool air is added. Once the water is in the fill, the air is suctioned through it with a fan. The hot air is then transferred down and rejected out via a fan. When this is done, the water is cool and it is sent down and recycled back into the system.

Who needs cooling towers?

All large industrial facilities that have a need for ventilation and air conditioning need cooling towers. They are cost efficient but they are also energy efficient meaning they don’t waste away any energy and reduce expenses.

A lot of plants use these kinds of systems but also large buildings that have HVAC systems. Many hospitals and schools also use them but they can also be used commercially. Industrial cooling towers are much larger than commercial ones.

We hope this post has helped you learn more about cooling towers and their use. Make sure that you find a reliable provider that has all the knowledge to install one properly wherever you need it. We hope that this piece helped you decipher a few things. Please, continue your online search.