Choosing A Modern Design for Your Roof


For most homeowners, the wide array of roof designs can be a confusing one. With so many designs to choose from, we have specifically narrowed down a roof design that is rising in popularity: the flat roof.

  • Building a flat roof
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Getting insured

Building a flat roof

The traditional pointy shaped roof has been falling out of favour with the younger generation, with them preferring a modern flat roof. This allows a larger space at the top of the home, and provides a cosy corner to enjoy after a hard day’s work. There are even shops who convert it into a dining area, providing an al fresco experience.

Maintenance and repairs

After the roofers have installed a flat roof for you, ensure that they offer a period of warranty on their works. This is to rectify any problems that may appear after a period of time. For an external quality check, you should engage a roofing company in Portsmouth to check the roof for any leakages, damage to the structure, etc.

Getting insured

Before starting all works, always ensure that the company you have hired is insured against all damages, should a mishap occur. This can be crucial to you, as the insurance company will pay out damages to the surrounding properties if they are damaged. Otherwise, the owner of the property (you) is liable for it.

With the rising popularity of flat roofs, it is common to see them popping up everywhere. You could even customise it the way you like: adding handrails, outdoor furniture, or even laying the flooring of your choice.