Aluminium Extrusions for Carpet Edging


Carpet edges often fray or curl with use and can quickly become dangerous particularly on stairs or in doorways. The safest, cost-effective solution is to fit edging strips made from versatile aluminium extrusions that are easy to fix into place with screws. Aluminium carpet edgings even help to reduce energy bills by reducing the draughts in doorways.

Lightweight and Versatile

Sections of carpet edging manufactured from thin strips of aluminium extrusions are specifically designed to cover the edges of carpets in a variety of situations. Due to the process of forcing the malleable metal through a pre-formed die, aluminium extrusions have specific cross-sectional profiles that are suitable for safely binding carpet edges or fitting as stair nosings. Thin, carpet edging strips can be cut to any length and are easy to trim when being applied to doorways or stairs. Ribbed surface designs provide a non-slip surface for extra safety.

Types of Carpet Edging

Neaten a single edge of carpet with a simple aluminium strip that is secured to the floor while binding the edge with the upper section. A double carpet edging has a horizontal H-shaped profile that sits between two carpets and binds the edges in each half of the aluminium strip. Profiles can be adjusted during manufacture to accommodate different depths of carpet pile. Aluminium trims can be designed to cover different heights of pile that are placed adjacent to each other. Extruded aluminium trims can also join carpet to vinyl or wood.

Stair Nosings

Aluminium extrusions to edge stairs can be manufactured to incorporate a carpet laid on the horizontal step while securing it to the vertical face. Innovative designs can even incorporate cross-sectional profiles to accommodate luminous or solar-powered strips to ensure safety at night or during power cuts. The versatility of aluminium during the extruding process can even enable curved designs to be produced that will fit rounded steps perfectly.

Made to measure Carpet Edging

Carpet edgings can be manufactured with aluminium extrusions to standard sizes or precise measurements and designs to produce bespoke trims with specific cross-sectional profiles. The strips can be anodised or powder coated and tinted in a range of colours to match existing carpet or vinyl flooring. For a fast and efficient solution to prevent the edges on your carpets fraying, consult Edmo Limited about cost-effective trims manufactured from versatile, aluminium extrusions.