A Guide to Removing Moles from your Garden


Moles are the arch enemy of the UK garden enthusiast, and for very good reason, as a family of moles can destroy a well-manicured lawn in a matter of days. The tell-tale signs are small mounds of topsoil, the result of eager tunnel digging, which moles are renowned for, and their tunnel network is very extensive.

Setting Mole Traps

You might be lucky and catch the animal, although moles are very careful, and when setting traps it is difficult to know which entrance the creature will use. The other alternative is to call in experienced pest control services in Harrogate, who would employ a number of strategies for removing moles from a garden. Moles are generally solitary creatures, so the chances are it is one animal that has set up home in your garden, but don’t let that fool you into thinking catching him is going to be easy.

Potential Solutions

The following methods might produce a degree of success:

  • Mole Traps
  • Smoking the Mole Out
  • Laying Down Poison

Mole traps are notoriously difficult to set up, while using poison presents a risk to other wildlife (and your pets), and smoking a mole out requires a high level of skill. The best solution is to engage the services of your local pest control provider, who will definitely achieve the right outcome.

Lawn Destruction

If left to his own devices, a single mole can destroy a lawn in next to no time, as they do not stop digging tunnels, and before very long, your lawn will look like it has been invaded by many of these creatures, when it probably is caused by a single animal.