A Guide in Choosing the Best and Quality Mattress


Everyone will agree with us when we say that finding the right mattress is not an easy job. First, you have to find ways to dispose of your old mattress. Then you need to go through the tedious process of finding the new mattress or bed that will suit your needs and will serve you for many years to come.

And having a lot of options, retailers, manufacturers and different kinds of materials does not help with your predicament. Lucky for you, there are ways on how to choose new mattresses and the things you need to consider when buying one. From discount cards, seasonal price-off, to coupons like Nolah mattress coupons, there are a lot of ways you can save money for a good and quality mattress.

Step 1: Do you need to buy a new mattress?

A lot of people change their mattress and beds after a few years, and that is fine if you have extra money to buy one. The fact is, mattresses and beds are not a small investment, so you need to take more time to know if you need to buy a new one.

Generally speaking, after at least seven years, mattresses will start to lose its firmness and shape. But it still depends on the quality of the mattress and the materials that are used. If you feel pain in your neck or back, the reason might be that your bedding or mattress is starting to get stiff. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a new one.

Step 2: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a new mattress

Not all people have the money to walk into a store and buy $1,000 to $5,000 worth of bed or mattress. Lucky for people, in this digital age, there are a lot of online options you can choose from. Beds and mattresses are ranging from as low as $500 to expensive stuff up to tens of thousands.

You can also do your shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days can offer a lot of good deals on beds and mattresses. But don’t get confused, expensive stuff does not mean better quality. If you think that these mattresses and beds sold online are worse than their in-store counterparts, then you are poorly mistaken. Stores used to increase the prices of their products as much as 1000% compared to the manufacturer’s price or even from online stores. Here are some guidelines you can use:

Do not always choose the cheapest that you find. It is one of the rules for a lot of products sold online. Buying cheaper queen or king size mattress means that it might have lower durability, lower sleep quality, and more toxins.

Expensive stuff does not mean good quality products.

It is common sense. Some products had a lower price, but made of good quality materials, and there are expensive products that are made from cheap, low-quality materials.

Queen size mattresses usually go for at least $1,000. It is where you will get your money’s worth. King size or California King will cost you more. It ranges from $1,300 to $2,000.

Step 3: Choose the best mattress type and material that best suits you

It is where a lot of people go with their personal preference more than anything else. If someone told them that latex is right for them, they would not take this as a final decision until they don’t read reviews to test the mattress personally. Here is some of the most common option you can find in the market today.

For a complete list of mattress types, click here.

Coils or innerspring

This mattress is the most traditional among all mattresses. These have gained a bad reputation over the years. But it is imperative to understand that the benefits you can get from choosing traditional over newer options have lost its luster.

Choosing coils or innersprings can save you a lot of money since it is the most affordable on the market, partly due to its decrease in demand. But despite that, coils and innerspring is a lot more comfortable and better for your health. This kind of mattress can also last a lifetime.


It is known for its remarkable comfort and cooling effect. It also has good bounce and very responsive. It is also great because you do not get off odors and gassing not like with memory foams.

Memory foam

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the ’70s, as a safety material for their seat cushion to protect their pilots as well as their passengers during take-off and plane crashes. Since then, memory foam has blossomed into a product used by almost all mattress manufacturers. It is very popular because it provides superior support as well as comfort for the entire body. Any people who use this material understand why it is one of the best materials for a mattress.