Why Should You Clean Your Carpets


While carpets can add a touch of sophistication to your home, there are some things to take note of: sending it for regular cleaning, being extra careful around it when you are handling liquids, etc. It is a delicate material that requires frequent maintenance.

  • Harbouringbacteria and germs
  • Attracting dust
  • Stains

Harbouring bacteria and germs

A carpet that has not been cleaned for a long time can harbour bacteria and germs which can cause your little ones to fall sick, especially if you have pets that lay on the carpet all the time. There are companies that offer carpet cleaning services in Swindon that can clean your carpet in a sanitised manner, killing the majority of bacteria and germs.

Attracting dust

As a carpet has many fibres and hollow spaces between each of them, it is natural for the dust to settle in these pockets easily. Vacuum it regularly to remove the dust. To know much dust your carpet is gathering, hang it on a line and use a carpet beater to remove the dust.


Stains can be unsightly on the carpet and it is often quite hard to remove it without a strong cleaning compound. Be it food or liquid stains, avoid removing it yourself as you could make it worse and destroy the entire carpet.

To minimise the amount of regular maintenance needed, you could try placing carpet in only a few areas of your house like: below the coffee table, a resting corner for you to chill out, etc.