Why it isn’t a Good Idea to Tackle a Blocked Drain yourself


Mention the words, “blocked drains” to a seasoned homeowner and he will probably know of several remedies that might work, “might’ being the operative word, as there are no guarantees of success with home drain unblocking solutions. The blockage might be partial and after an hour of trying to clear it, you could make the problem worse and turn it into a complete blockage.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Thanks to affordable drain clearance services in Torquay, you won’t have to get your hand dirty, and using hi-tech equipment like CCTV, the expert can quickly locate the blockage, and he won’t have to dig up half the garden. The drain cleaner would have the following:

  • CCTV Cameras – Attached to a small remotely controlled vehicle that can inspect the interior.
  • Sets of Long Pipes – These connect to each other and can be employed to forcibly remove the blockage.
  • Inner Sleeve Pipe Linings – These are used when there is extensive damage to the pipe, as you would find with a tree root.
  • Tools – A range of hand and power tools that can be used in many different ways to unblock a drain. There isn’t much the drain cleaner can’t handle, and with his expertise, the problem will soon be resolved.

For what it costs, you are well-advised to use a professional drain cleaning service rather than attempt to unblock the drain yourself. You will also have the peace of mind that a full drains report brings, and once the drains have been cleaned, you can look forward to free-flowing drains from here on in.