What to Expect from an Honest and Reliable Emergency Plumber


We have all heard the horror stories of homeowners who have been charged a fortune to have an emergency plumber come and fix a problem, what will ridiculous call out charges. Unfortunately, some plumbers take advantage of a homeowner with an emergency on their hands, and in order to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, here are a few things you can expect from an honest and reliable emergency plumbing service.

  • Low Cost Call Out Fees– While we would expect to pay a small surcharge for a plumber to visit us in the middle of the night, the call out charge should not be astronomical. The best plumbers in Plymouth would be ready at any hour and would not make you pay extortionate prices for the privilege.
  • No Charge if They Can’t Fix the Problem– In the highly unlikely event the emergency plumber can’t repair the problem, they should not charge you anything at all!
  • Emergency Boiler Repair– Some plumbers would say they don’t have the resources to fix a boiler at short notice, while others have a fully equipped mobile unit, and if the plumber knows the make and model of your boiler, he should have the necessary components on board.
  • Rapid Response– When you call a plumber outside of regular working hours, you don’t expect to be kept waiting, and if the plumber covers your area, then he should be there within minutes rather than hours.

Next time you have a plumbing emergency, look for a plumber that offers all of the above and you can be sure of an honest repair for a fair price.