The Inner Workings of a Waste Management Company

Waste Management

The waste management industry has seen many radical changes, from dumping in landfill for decades, we are now focused on recycling and eco-friendly practices. Let’s look at things from the homeowner’s perspective; you generate some waste with a home improvement, you can a skip hire company and they remove the waste for you, end of story. Except that it isn’t the end, in fact, removing your household waste is the beginning of a thorough recycling and responsible disposal, in which as much as 90% of all collected waste is recycled.

Professional Collection

Luckily, there is affordable general waste collection in Newcastle from an eco-friendly waste management company that prides itself on serving the community with eco-friendly waste management.

What Exactly is Recycled?

Perhaps it is easier to tell you what cannot be recycled, and we’d have to think hard on that one; certainly hazardous waste is usually destroyed in such a way that is poses no threat to life or indeed the environment. Household waste that is recycled would include:

  • All forms of metal
  • Plastics, foam, and composite materials
  • Paper, wood
  • Rocks, topsoil, hardcore

Aside from this, all garden waste can be recycled into a substance that can nourish the soil. The very small amount of household waste that cannot be recycled is responsibly disposed of in a controlled landfill.

Next time you hire a skip, spare a thought for the people who work tirelessly to ensure that we do what we can to reuse resources, and as you watch the truck disappear around the corner, you have the peace of mind that your waste will not impact the environment.