Restore your Property with Stone Restoration from Skilled Stonemasons


If you live in a period house that is built with stone, there will come a time when some restoration work is needed, and with skilled stonemasons in Ayrshire who are ready and willing to work on the exterior of your property, you can literally transform the look of your home. The harsh Scottish climate is very unforgiving, and after another heavy winter, it is time to carry out some much-needed stone work, which will keep your home in good condition for yet another year.

Creating Stone Features

Aside from restoring stone, the masons would have the ability to create stunning stone features, which include the following:

  • Finials
  • Gargoyles
  • Mouldings
  • Sills for windows and doors

These features would be created in such a way that they look like they’ve been there all along, and with the right placements, stone features really do make the property look distinguished.

The Right Applications

While stone is very durable, it can easily become tarnished, and the dirt and grime in the air will gradually form a film, which gives the stonework a jaded look. Trusted stonemasons know all the ricks of the trade and can restore all types of stone, including granite, sandstone and limestone, leaving a clean finish that will vastly improve the property’s appearance.

Explore the Potential of Stone Restoration

The best way to discover the potential of stone restoration is to ask a stonemason to pay you a home visit, where he can take a look at the exterior and make suitable recommendations on how best to carry out the restoration work.