Moving on a Rainy Day? Here are Some Precautions to Take


Rain messes things up a lot and relocation is no exception. We may pull out at all stops to ensure a house move that goes right by the schedule but the rain can wreak havoc on it. Sometimes, when things are not done in a proper way, the rain can also damage your belongings. You need to be cautious when packing kitchen for moving as it is a necessary part of your house and one wrong move can cause you a lot of trouble

You will have to stay extra aware to not let the rain ruin your relocation and here are some tips to stay prepared for business relocation or a house move . If it is monsoon time, then you know that there is a probability that it will rain; so make sure to follow these precautions to stay safe and stick by the schedule even when it is raining.

Prepare yourself and your family

  • Checking the weather forecast should be the first thing to do. If you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself for it. To be on the safer side, it is wise to be prepared during the rainy season even before the rain is forecasted and get prepped to face the rain.
  • Have extra umbrellas, raincoats, towels, winter hats and gloves, ponchos and waterproof tarps. If you are expecting snow, pack a shovel to clean out the snow from driveways.
  • Have some hot bottled water that could withstand for a few days and ensure that you have some energy bars just in case you are not in a position to go to the market after you relocated to your new home.
  • Check for lighting and thunder when loading and unloading. Thunders are dangerous especially when you are loading metallic or wooden items and therefore have some strong plastic tarps covering them and most important of all, cover yourself with plastic when you are out in the rain or in contact with any of these conductive items.
  • While travelling to your new place, be careful while driving. Know the status of the road beforehand before you hit the road. Try to avoid stress during the relocation as it impacts the move one way or another.

Protect Your Belongings

Generally, you may start packing well before the day of relocation and you wouldn’t possibly have the weather forecast at that time. Even then, if it is a rainy season, then you can take some precautions beforehand so that you don’t have to rush at the last time covering and repacking when it starts raining on your relocation day.

  • Use plastic wraps to cover all the valuables leaving not even an inch of space. Artworks, paintings, electronic equipment and clothes are the few important things you should ensure to pack in plastic bags and wrap the boxes again with tight plastic wraps above the complete packing.
  • Put on waterproof labels over the boxes and mark fragile items all around the six sides of the boxes so that it is visible even in the middle of a rush work.
  • For your furniture, wrap them in blankets, towels and top it with plastic wraps. If you are using wooden crates to pack the furniture, then wrap the box too tightly with plastic wraps.
  • Use bubble wraps adequately. During the rainy season, it is possible to experience a little disturbance during the transportation so it is imperative to ensure that the safety of the things. Fill in every empty gap with bubble wraps and sponges to prevent the things from moving in the middle of the relocation.
  • If you have important jewellery or valuable items with you, ensure to pack them well and try to carry them with you, if it is small.
  • If you have waterproof bins with you, pack your important things in it and place it inside a cardboard box.

Plan the transportation beforehand

If you have the weather forecast a few days before your relocation, then you can ensure to add a few lags in your schedule and start sooner accordingly. Sit down and plan the extra time for all things that could cause the delay.

If you are planning a long distance relocation, then you will need some extra precautions for transportation. Plan pit stops in the middle in case you are in a position to halt the relocation and mark out a few lodges or hotels on the way where you can go for a night stay.

Plant the route you are going to take and an alternate route during the worst case situations. Identify fuel stops, restaurants, supermarkets and other required places on the way. Try to stick to the main roads and the highways during your relocation and avoid taking any shortcuts or deserted roads.

Hire a Professional Relocation Company

It may be difficult to carry all your things during the rain and it is better to get the help of already experienced removalists to help you during such time as they have already encountered such removal challenges and know how to make the move a success. As they already have experience in handling lots of similar house moving, they will be able to do a better job and in a short time too. You can also hire them specifically for furniture removals to pack and transport all your furniture seeing how much of a difficulty that it will pose during a rainy season. Just do not compromise on hiring movers as it will impact the whole move.

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