Importance of Dressers and Types


There is no comparison when it comes to the functionality of dressers. If you are designing an Avant-Garde dining room, then a wooden dresser or a French dresser is a must-have article of furniture in the room. The best place for a classic dresser is in the dining room. It serves not only as a storage solution but also as a display platform.

Dressers can very comfortable fall in place amidst any rococo style interior theme. A dresser in the dining room also helps to free some space in the kitchen as well. But the utility does not end there. The right dresser adds class to your living room and bedroom as well. Furthermore, it is a very practical storage solution in these rooms.

Slim painted dressers or rococo carved dressers are a good solution if you do not have enough space. It can serve as a great display to show off excellent and exclusive showpieces. All pour dressers are handmade, and the carving is still performed by using age-old methods and techniques. This ensures consistency of quality and a truly intricate finish.Making a dresser is no easy work. It takes time and effort to arrive at the finished product.

La Maison Chic offers high-quality dressers

A dresser is a storage solution. Therefore, it is important that the product can handle the weight. We follow the best and most practical methods to prepare the wood so that our dressers do not show any sign of damage or aging. At La Maison Chic, we construct high ends products by using premium pine and birch woods. Our dressers will be a major upgrade to any household.

Types of dressers

Wooden Dresser: 

Our wooden dresser is just perfect for a classic room theme. We have articles that show off minimalistic symmetry and other articles with intricate designs and carvings. Our wooden carved dressers are a favorite among our customers. Both the quality and the aesthetics of our products win us compliments.  

French Dresser:

French dressers are an important part of any French interior design. That is because they are the preferred display solution for you to show off your expensive and valuable collectibles. If you value the beauty of traditional French handiwork, then French Chateau Dressers will certainly impress you with their originality and the intricacy of their design.
Rococo Carved Dressers are versatile. They are perfect for any room and for any purpose. Rococo dressers are not going to go out of style anytime soon, which is they are a safe bet for you.

Industrial Style Metal Dressers: 

Industrial style dressers combine the utility of the classic dresser with the minimalistic design theme which is in vogue nowadays. For a timeless interior design, you will benefit from our collection of metal dressers.Painted Dressers: 
La Maison Chic offers versatile painted dressers. Our painting process has multiple steps to ensure that the paint does not damage, chip off or discolor over time.

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