How to Pack Your Fitness Equipment Safely for Your Relocation


If you are one of those hardcore workout enthusiasts, then you may own some fitness gear at home. Having fitness equipment can come in handy to work out whenever you want but you will be at a disadvantage when you have to relocate to a new location.

You can leave it behind or sell it, but buying a whole new set of fitness gear again at your new place in Adelaide doesn’t make any sense when you can hire some experienced Adelaide removalists to help you with the move.

All you need to do is pack them properly and get the help of the removalists from any of the affordable house removal companies to transport them to your new house. Do some research online to look for tips for house moving and packing to get an idea of how these things are handled properly with caution. There are a few right ways to prep your fitness gear for transportation and we will see some of the important steps that you must never ignore when packing your fitness equipment.

Clean it all

Your fitness gear may have a lot of bacteria collected over a long time. Now you don’t want to go into your new home with all the germs, isn’t it?

So, it is time to get some cleaning liquid and cleaning clothes and get to work!

You can dust the equipment first and then use an all-purpose cleaning liquid to wipe down the required places. Make sure to have the manual of the equipment at your side when you clean it lest you may use water in places where you are not supposed to.

Wipe down the places where you generally place your hand, like the handrails of the treadmill, hand weights, etc. Clean it thoroughly until you are sure that the fitness gear is free of all germs.

Packing the smaller fitness items

You can start with packing the smaller things first before going on to the bigger fitness equipment.

Packing the yoga mat – Wash and clean your yoga mat thoroughly. Dry it off and find a box to fit your yoga mat in. Wrap the yoga mat in a cover or some plastic bag and place them in the bottom of the box. You can also keep blankets or any other clothes that you use in your gym inside this box.

Packing the hand weights, dumbbells and other miscellaneous items – As you have kept the yoga mat in the mind and if you have space left in the box, you can keep items of less weight in the top of the box. The yoga mat will provide the cushioning effect for the items. Before placing the items in the box, wrap them in thick paper, bubble wrap or towels. Spread the weights all around the box evenly so that one side of the box isn’t fazed by the brunt of the whole weight. You can take as many boxes you can, line the bottom with some papers and place the wrapped weights evenly with the heavier weights at the bottom. Before sealing the box, stuff the empty spaces with papers and bubble wraps to prevent the weights from moving around.

Packing the bigger fitness equipment

Thankfully, you can get the help of the removalists to move your equipment but before that, ensure that all the safety protocols are followed.

Packing the treadmill – Remove the safety key, unplug the treadmill and raise the walking deck until it hits the console and clicks in place. Secure the key to ensuring that the walking deck is in its proper place. Now you can wrap thick blankets all around the treadmill without leaving any inch of space. Secure the blankets in place with packing tapes or pins so that it doesn’t get disturbed during the relocation.

Here a simple video to help you clean the treadmill –

Packing the elliptical – An elliptical isn’t as easy to pack as a treadmill. As it has a lot of parts, it is best to dismantle the hardware separately like the handlebars, pedals and so on. As you dismantle them, you can number the bolts if needed so that it will be easy when you assemble it in your new house. Pack every piece of the hardware separately with blankets or thick clothes and place them in a sturdy box. Fill in the empty gaps with bubble wraps and papers. Wrap the elliptical itself in a thick blanket and secure the blanket in place with packing tapes and pins.

Similarly, for any other gym equipment, you can dismantle the hardware if you can, label them, wrap them separately and place them in a sturdy box for the Adelaide removalists to transport.

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Such relocations are not just about moving with equipments but about pets move and well as kids move. You need tips to move with kids and the same goes for move with pets as it needs to go smooth. When moving house you have to remove the furniture as well which includes items like wine cabinet removal and relocation. So it’s better you take cautions before the removal to make it go as smooth as possible.