How to Lay Garden Turf


When it comes to creating a lawn there are really only two options. You can lay turf or sow seed. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but both require the same preparation. If you want a lawn that is ready within a couple of days, laying turf is the only option. If you decide to sow seed, you’ll be waiting a couple of months at least for the green blades to appear. Creating a lawn using turf is easy. The best time to do it is at the beginning of autumn, when the soil is warm and moist. Spring is another good time to lay it, provided you can water it frequently.

Buying Turf

There are plenty of suppliers who can deliver turf. Popping it in the boot of your car is not an option. If you live in Lancashire, Greenvale Products Ltd are the guys to call. The best turf to buy will be raised from seed and can be purchased in several different grades. The one you choose will depend on your situation. If you want a lawn that’s hardwearing, you’ll need to look for domestic turf that contains dwarf perennial ryegrass. If you’re wanting to create a show piece landscape, then look for a finer turf that contains bents and fescues. If you’re lucky enough to live in area where there is little rain, a drought tolerant turf will be the best option.

Laying Turf

When your turf is delivered stack it out of the sun until you’re ready to lay it. If it’s looking a little dry you can sprinkle it with water. Aim to lay the turf within 24 hours of delivery.

To prepare the soil you first need to skim the old grass off the surface. Take away any large stones and weeds and make it as level as possible. Fork the area over and rake level. You can then walk over the surface to firm it down, before raking once more. A fertilizer can be applied and lightly raked into the soil before the area is watered well.

Slowly unroll the first roll of turf along a straight edge. Butt the next piece up close and ensure close contact with the soil is made. This can be done by tamping it down with the back of a rake.

Subsequent rows should be staggered like brickwork until the area is covered. The edge of your new lawn should run past the area being covered and then be trimmed using a straight edged board and a half-moon cutting tool. Put handfuls of soil under the edges so that the turf doesn’t dry out. The area then needs to be soaked thoroughly.

How to Care for Your Turfed Lawn

Avoid walking on newly laid turf for a couple of weeks, so that the roots can grow into the soil. If it’s growing well, you can trim it with the mower blades set to high. For the healthiest lawn you will need to care for it. It will require a good balance of air, food, water and light. Treat it well and it will last for many years.