Flat Roofing: What Are My Options?


If you are planning to build an extension and would prefer flat roofing, you have numerous choices regarding materials. Obviously, you want a roof that last a long time, and one that is easy to maintain, and with that in mind, here are some of the popular flat roofing choices for the UK homeowner.

  • Fibreglass GRP– Glass Reinforced Plastic offers a seamless finish that is guaranteed for 25 years. This really is a fit and forget solution and the surface is strong and durable, ensuring a watertight roof for decades.
  • EDPM Rubber Roofing– Popular because it offers a seamless finish and the rubber moves when the building expands and contracts, ensuring there are no splits or cracks. Take a look at the quality roofing in Blackpool that was created using rubber, which is also maintenance free.
  • Felt Roofing– The traditional 3-layer system ensure a watertight finish, and despite the emergence of composite roofing materials, felt is still one of the most popular flat roofing materials in the UK.

Professional Advice

Your local roofer would be happy to survey the property and give his professional opinion, and once a design is agreed upon, he can arrange a suitable date for installation. Expect a very long warranty when having a flat roof installed, as long as 25 years, which is a reflection of the roofer’s confidence in his work.

The roofer would provide a comprehensive service that includes the supply and installation of guttering and downpipes to ensure rainwater can escape, and there would be a slight tilt to send all the water to a waiting gutter.