Difference Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing


Well, the fact is that both residential and commercial plumbing are nothing but slightly different versions of the same practice of plumbing. On a very general level, you could say there’s pretty much no difference between them.

Both require the use of more or less the same type of materials, with the basic functioning of the plumbing systems installed being very similar as well. In addition, most plumbing companies that offer residential plumbing services also offer commercial plumbing services.

That all said, there are still a few specific distinctions that make commercial plumbing a fairly different version of plumbing than residential plumbing. A good plumber is aware of these differences, and would take care of them well when working on a commercial plumbing project.

Here’s a quick look at three of the biggest differences.

Size of the Project

The size of the project is the most obvious difference, but also the most important one. A commercial plumbing project is much larger than a residential one, and involves dealing with a way larger number of pipes and outlets than a typical residential project.

After all, businesses often have office buildings that need to have toilets and sinks to provide for both their customers and employees, which calls for a much larger plumbing system than a residential one.

Number of Floors

A typical residential project usually doesn’t run longer than two floors. However, commercial projects often have multiple stories, and all of them need to be installed with sinks, toilets and other systems.

The functioning of pipes also tends to be very different for this reason, with the water pressure being a much more important factor which also makes a commercial project much trickier to work on.

Types of Problems

Most residential projects involve working on pretty much the same set of issues, but just different variations of them. However, a commercial project is different in the sense that a plumber would encounter on many more different types of issues, which obviously mean that the plumber needs to be knowledgeable to have the right solutions for all of them.

And it is for this reason that while a residential project can be handled by just about any good plumber, you need an expert when it comes to a commercial project. They must be aware of the type of issues a commercial project involves, and be able to deal with them effectively.