Causes of ceiling leaks: why you consult the professionals?


Home is the safest and secure place for all of you. So proper maintenance and keeping up of the place where you live in, is one of the significant thing to do by every one of you. However, home maintenance seems a tough job at times, especially if you detect a severe water leakage and you need to fix it as soon as possible. Waterproofing of the building plays a very important role in maintaining and increasing the life of the property by preventing leakage issues and damages.

Ceiling leaks can cause severe despoliation to the formation and structure of your property and cost huge bills for repairing and fixing the problem. Ceiling leakage can never go unnoticed as even small droplets of water can be a daily nuisance. This problem needs immediate attention as it might become a major problem in the near future.

Need professional help

Leak is a serious problem and hence, should not be taken lightly. Hiring a professional company to perform your ceiling leak repair is appropriate. Try to engage onethat deals with waterproofing and is experienced in dealing with all kinds of leakages. Ceiling leaks can happen in different ways and for different reasons, so there are different treatments to handle each type of leakage. Only the qualified and trained plumber can carry out this job with perfection and provide the assurance that your ceiling will be waterproofed for a long period of time.

Some common causes of ceiling leaks that you must be aware of-

    • Sometimes, the plastic vents, seams or metal vents placed in the house get corroded. As a result, Water flows into the ceiling through those damaged vents during the rainy season. This problem can be fixed by complete replacement of fittings.
    • If the Plumbing vents boots, the gaskets and the seals get weak and ruptured. You should take professional help without further delay.
    • If the property has got considerably old without getting an adequate repair and touch up, there are greater possibilities of leak in the ceiling and roof as everything gets depreciated with time.  
    • The iron rod placed in the ceiling and roofs do catch rust and get corroded and may make wayfor water to enter.

  • Heavy rainfall or storms can bring crack in the tiles and cause damage on the roof and ceiling leakage.

Conclusion: overview

All these factors can cause leak and affect the ceiling itself along with the adjacent walls by making them mildew and discolor. To protect your house from such disaster, seek professional help and make the long lasting fixing.

If you find yourself with a leaky ceiling, you should immediately call for a professional waterproofing specialist rather than try to fix it yourself as it might worsen the situation.