Buying a Wardrobe? Put these Questions to Your Furniture Maker


All of us desire a well-fitted, elegant, durable and usable wardrobe for our home. However, not everyone one of us knows about the process that goes into the making of such furniture. That’s why we’ve put together a list of questions that you can ask your furniture maker before you go ahead and order a wardrobe.

  • What type of wood and fixtures are used in the design?

The choice of wood is governed by the wardrobe’s design and the buyer’s budget. It’s always beneficial to use quality materials as they enhance the durability of your wardrobe. Teak, rosewood and other real wood veneered materials are great choices for your wardrobe. The decorative part is usually made of fibreboard, which is known to be hardwearing. Such a combination looks quite good and retains its usability for years together.

  • Which wardrobe design finishes are currently trending? Will they match my home décor?

Most homeowners, in order to save money, pick fancy but substandard plywood to finish the outer designing of their wardrobes, chests and cabinet shelves. In a few years, these finishing materials come off or degrade. Thus, it is best to choose sturdy materials like veneer plywood or any standard quality wood. Checking online or with wood-supply stores near you will help you buy reasonably priced materials for designing different areas of your wardrobe. As for the colour choice, it depends upon your room’s decor. For instance, if you’d like an elegant and classic look, opt for natural colours.

  • How many storage options does a wardrobe usually have?

The number of shelves, their capacity and their arrangement within the wardrobe depend upon the buyer’s requirement and the space available for installing the furniture. Thus, make sure the designer and the maker of your wardrobe understand what you need. You can browse the web to know more about the current wardrobe design trends. A visit to the local furniture showroom can also help.

  • What types of fixtures must be added to the wardrobe?

Lighting inside the wardrobe is essential to search for items easily even if the room is dark. LED lights are a good option as they provide excellent illumination while consuming very less energy. If you want to add something like a hidden shelf, it is best to talk about it with your designer at the design stage itself. And yes, do not hesitate to pay for good quality safety locks.

  • What will the installation process include?

It always helps to know the steps that are involved in the wardrobe installation process. For instance, it’ll help you to prepare the room accordingly before the installers arrive to install your newly-made wardrobe. Most reputable manufacturers of bespoke fitted wardrobes in London take very little time to install a wardrobe in its designated space.

With answers to these questions, you can rid your mind of any worries and happily look forward to your new fitted wardrobe.