Brighten Up Your Garden with These Outdoor Furniture Cushions


Gone are the days where everything has to be matchymatchy. From clothes, to shoes, to handbags – fashion nowadays have become more eccentric and limitless. And that makes it more fun and adventurous. This revolutionary idea has found its way in home and interior decorating, which is not a surprise. More and more interior decorators experiment on design ideas by mixing prints and colours, which is very uncommon back then.

So when it comes to matching furniture with, let’s say cushions, not having the same colours and pantones through and through is welcomed and encouraged. The more robust the patterns are, the more in demand they become. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor furniture, there are numerous options and directions to go. More and more home store brands like Domayne offer just that. Click here to find out more.

Here are also some sample outdoor furniture cushions to give you more ideas.

Polar Opposites

Because these are outdoor furniture cushions, you have more leeway to following the usual patterns that an indoor wall may limit. Indoors are sometimes trickier to decorate primarily because the walls match several other rooms in the house.

In decorating with outdoor cushions, you can opt for a bolder choice in prints and go with mixing an actual design with a printed one.

Whether it’sHawaiian meets aztec, like this Palm Leaf Green Cushion from Domayne, the difference in patterns give the furniture set more character.

Geometric Prints

Structured prints can be hard to pull off sometimes because of its rigidness but it can spell out the difference in decorating your outdoor furniture.

These fun, geometric prints for outdoor cushions break the monotony of what can sometimes be an overwhelming set of wicker table and chairs in your outdoor patio. The striking colour and clean lines of these outdoor cushions would give the space a pop of colour and will definitely be an eye-catching piece even from afar.

Boho Chic

If you have not been to that side of the world, what better way to experience bohemian chic than to bring the festive colours to your very own backyard.

These colourful printed outdoor cushions would be the perfect complement to your patio furniture, simply because of its vibrant colours and fun designs. You can choose to get similar prints in different colours, or be more adventurous with your choices and get totally different prints.  

You can further add spice to your outdoor seating area by adding exotic-looking plants and ornaments in keeping to the overall festive vibe of the setting.

So keep the traditional colours and designs someplace else and be more creative in choosing pieces for your outdoor furniture and cushions. Your entire family, friends and other guests will definitely have a great time when the outdoor space is lively, colourful and full of life.