A Guide to Pre-Winter Boiler Servicing


The freezing UK winter signals the time when your central heating works overtime, and in order for it to work efficiently, your boiler requires servicing at least twice a year. The best time to do this is in the autumn, prior to the freezing weather arriving, which will ensure that your home is warm and cosy when the mercury drops to below zero.

  • Autumn Testing – The ideal way to check if your central heating system is in need of repair is to fire it up when the weather is still mild. Run the system for an hour or two and check the radiators in every room, listening for any strange sounds that might be coming from the pipes. Fortunately, there is affordable boiler servicing and repairs in Plymouth and surrounding areas, and you should have the system checked before the winter arrives.
  • Pipe Insulation – All exterior water pipes should be insulated, which will prevent freezing over, and in the event the temperature drops below freezing and the pipes freeze up, this could cause a rupture. If you are planning on leaving your home for a few days during freezing weather, you are advised to leave the heating on low, as this will help to prevent a freeze up.
  • Thermostat Check – The service engineer will also check the thermostat for accuracy when he services the boiler, which will ensure that you are not wasting fuel.

Failure to have the boiler serviced could result in a heating breakdown when the weather is cold, so make sure you schedule a service call before the cold winter months arrive.