3 Services That Your Local Chimney Sweep Will Happily Do For You In The UK


A large number of homes in the United Kingdom still have working fireplaces and there is no better feeling than coming home to a real fire on a cold day. Because you have a working fire, then you must have a chimney and this needs servicing from time to time. A blockage will stop your fire from performing as it should and smoke may come into your home.

This is a specialised industry in the UK, but there are chimney sweeps in Bromley who can come out and make sure that your chimney is fully functional and safe to use. Your local chimney sweep will offer a number of services in relation to your fire and chimney.

  1. A burning fire leads to soot and after continual usage, soot begins to build up in the chimney itself. This needs to be cleaned and taken away. If you don’t get it cleaned, smoke may enter the room and your fire won’t get the necessary air it needs to burn properly.
  2. Chimney cowls gets damaged through neglect or when a storm has passed through the area. Your local chimney sweep can remove the old, damaged one and replace it for you. This is part of the service.
  3. If you only use your fire seasonally, then an unused chimney is the perfect place for a bird to put its nest. If there is a nest in there, then the smoke has nowhere to go except back into your home. These can be removed by your chimney sweep.

If you are experiencing issues with your chimney, your local chimney sweep is on hand to assist. Give him a call today.